Haus of Po

Haus of Po is a furniture house product of artist and designer Paula Ballester. Her design philosophy is rooted in the exploration of questions — questioning the conventional ways we conceive and shape the built environment in its diverse forms. Haus of Po’s primary goal is to provoke fresh thinking and disrupt the automatic, subconscious behaviors that contribute to the devaluation of furniture.

“My approach to design is ever-evolving, encouraging a continual exploration of new perspectives. I am passionate about fostering curiosity in the dynamic relationship between the observer and the object. My designs aspire to visually captivate, psychologically challenge, and emotionally stimulate viewers. Through my work, I strive to maintain a habit of perpetual self-questioning and challenge, ensuring a constant drive for innovation.” – Paula

I helped Paula bring her ideas to life for her first drop, Gí. Crafting a visual identity that represented her as an artist and her captivating work, creating the logo, colors, typography and packaging. It was important to keep the focus on the hand-crafted aspect while keeping a fun and modern look.