The Common Thread

The Common Thread is a program that provides new intergenerational connections between elders and the younger community. It shows young people how much elders have to offer. Seniors are often looking for company, and it is forgotten how much society as a whole can benefit from their knowledge and experience. The Common Thread developed from the idea of tin-can phones and a connecting string that provides communication. The concept was based on the idea that age is just a number; humans of all ages often enjoy many of the same activities. The concept emphasized that age shouldn’t constrain new friendships and connections.

Because The Common Thread’s target was mainly young people, the design consisted of bright, striking colors and eye-catching imagery. The promotional showed old people with youthful personalities to further express the idea that elders have a lot in common with younger people. It captured the attention of a younger audience to convince them to reach out and learn from the knowledge and experiences of those older than them. The deliverables of this program consisted of a promotional poster that folded into a small booklet and contained all the information necessary to participate. Fliers were also created to showcase specific speakers, as well as a website where people interested could search for elders in specific fields in their area and sign up for activities and forums.

The Common Thread is a gold recipient of the International Design Award in the category of Collateral Material, and a semifinalist for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Created at the Savannah College of Art and Design.